Paris to mark the fifth anniversary of the climate agreement

My comments to TRT World on the occasion of the Paris Agreement 5 years:

  • The Paris Agreement is the best option we have, we must take good care of it and strengthen it
  • Today’s  emissions will provide 3-5 degree warming over pre-industrial times in this century and climate disaster according to the UN
  • Still possible to limit warming to two degrees but the ambitions of the countries’ commitments must be tripled (fivefold to stop at 1.5 degrees and probably unrealistic)
  • EU decision on 55% emission cuts by 2030, more countries planning climate neutrality in 2050, USA back and the countries’ announcement of increased ambitions in Paris today gives hope
  • More lawsuits like the one in Norway against governments that allow for large emissions will come and contribute positively

Paris to mark the fifth anniversary of climate agreement

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