Growing gap between ambition and action

The embarrassing truth is that the gap between what scientists recommend and what is done is wider than ever.

An interview by Anne-Sophie Garrigou with Svein Tveitdal, Director of Klima 2020 
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Svein Tveitdal grew up in the countryside where “we got our first car when I was 13,” he explains. Before that? People were using bikes and horses. At a time where all that the earth supplied was taken for granted and viewed as everlasting, the adolescent Tveitdal was spending most of his time in nature, which gave him “a good idea of what it gave to us.”

Photo: Karsten Bidstrup
Svein Tveitdal – Antarctica -Neko Harbour.  Photo: Karsten Bidstrup.

As an adult, Tveitdal found the Brundtland Report on Sustainable Development that was released in 1987 to be an eye-opener on what was at stake. “I realised that everything we use, eat, wear and live in comes from nature, so if we don’t take care of it and lose it, we are all lost.”

Reading the report kicked off the start of his professional career working full time on environmental issues, first in the private sector, then at the United Nations Environment Programme and today at his own climate consultancy, Klima 2020. “Unfortunately, we have not succeeded; since then the threats from climate change have brought us to the brink of near catastrophe and nature is declining globally at rates unprecedented in human history.”

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