“This is not a climate emergency, it’s a climate catastrophe”

Sasja Beslik wanted to take a step back and get an overview or high level status on climate change, and I thought who better to interview and ask than Svein Tveitdal, former UNEP Director from Norway.

Interview With Svein Tveitdal -audio clip

In the midst of the pandemic, it’s critical that we don’t neglect climate change. Sometimes when people get pre-occupied with one risk, to the left of them, they don’t see what’s coming from the right. And then it hits you even harder.

Thankfully, climate change has not been forgotten. At the moment, we see a lot of nations declaring climate emergency, and green initiatives are somewhat embedded in COVID-19 support packages in many countries.

So what is the status on climate change? What is the problem really? What are the solutions?

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